Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Located in a nice building way out in the middle of nowhere, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum looks like it has a lot to offer.
Out front is a nice statue of Bruce Lee, though given the timing of my visit it could have been temporary.
Inside, the lobby is quite spacious. The museum is spaced across two floors, but the exhibits are all on the second floor. The gold-yellow area is part of a special exhibition on Bruce Lee. To the right, a gallery provided a very well-made and comprehensive history of Bruce Lee's life, acting career, and martial arts studies. The yellow area is filled with a collection of Bruce Lee memorabilia from a collector - trading cards, toys, movie posters, and so on.
The left-hand side holds the permanent exhibitions.Again I noticed the large spaces, but I felt like I was in and out quickly due to a lack of depth.
That isn't to say that the museum is a waste of time. I just felt it was a little unrepresentative of what I would find inside. The chest holding old tobacco boxes and tins near one of the gallery entrances was the highlight of the permanent collection for me, because I love old advertising art. See below.
The first floor has a restaurant, gift shop, and kids area. Being a bit out of the way, I wouldn't make a visit to this museum unless it has a special exhibition you're interested in seeing. It seems that the Bruce Lee exhibit is still there a year and a half after I visited, so it may be a permanent exhibit (right now the museum lists it as current through July 2018). If that is the case, and you're a Bruce Lee fan, this museum is definitely worth the trip.

The museum is open 10:00-18:00 (til 19:00 on Saturday and Sunday), closed on Tuesdays. It's located across the river (use the pedestrian footbridge) from Che Kung Temple Station, Exit A.

Admission is HK$10, free on Wednesdays. There is a museum pass including several other museums for $100 for one year, $50 for six months, and $30 for a week. If you can't visit during a free time, the pass may be a good option. The six month and one year passes also offer discounts, including a substantial discount at Hong Kong Disneyland.

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