Singapore: The Esplanade Theatre

I'm a bit of an architecture buff. About 10 years ago, a lot of my travel included hunting for historic landmarks and unique buildings. While my sightseeing now is much more diverse, I still love checking out architecturally interesting sights.

In fact, the first two posts I've made about Singapore have included historically important buildings and architecture. So let's go for three straight with the Esplanade Theatre.
 Technically, this performing arts centre has multiple theaters, as you can see in the panorama above. The two domes hold a 1600-seat concert hall and 2000-seat traditional theater. The name comes from its location, Esplanade Park.
 The two domes are essentially glass walls, covered with aluminum sunshades. The design is reminiscent of durians, a stinky fruit synonymous with Singapore.
 The best way to experience The Esplanade would be a live performance, but guided tours are available. The shorter 45 minute one focuses on the basics, especially the acoustics, as you go through the concert hall. The longer, two hour tour discusses the architecture, management of the center, and a bit of local music history, as you travel backstage and see the concert hall and the theater.
 For those with little time or who just want a glimpse, it's possible to just walk around the outside of the building and the inside mall. In addition to seeing the building, which has different personalities based on your location in relation to the sun and the angles of the shades, there are some statues and pieces of art scattered around the park. Going inside, you can find a selection of shops, restaurants, and cafes.
The "walk" is $10, while the long tour is $30. Note that the long tour requires a group of at least 12 people. The walk is possible Tuesdays through Fridays at 9:00, 12:30, and 14:00, and Saturdays and Sundays at 9:00. Walk-ins are fine on a first-come first-served basis.

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