31 Days of Halloween: Tiny Bits of Big Flavor

This is Mini Cola. You can't drink it, though. The container is about the is meter of a quarter and looks suspiciously like an Atlanta-based soft drink can. And the top even has a pull-tab to open it!
Inside are a bunch of tiny tablets which are like Cola-flavored Smarties. I don't know how else to describe them. I think the novelty of the container is better than the candy, in the end. 
The other candy today is Puchi Chocolate. The multi-colored balls are about the same size as the Cola candy, but instead taste like MnMs. Actually, there's more candy shell than chocolate here due to the small overall size so they're sweeter and less chocolatey than MnMs. I don't remember the name, but there is a similar candy in the US. 

Both have neat containers that can be repurposed to hold beads or tiny pebbles if you're a kid! The chocolate box lid is also a small whistle, to irritate others around you! And they are each under 40 yen, so they're pretty cheap for trick or treating!

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