31 Days of Halloween: Chewy Chewy!

Today's first sweet is a brownie. Can't you tell from the package? It says "BROWNIE" in English, then twice more in Japanese.
Home-baked brownies don't seem to exist in Japan, but thinner ones like this aren't too difficult to find. The small pink-wrappered stick of chocolate you see above is the cheapest one I've seen, but it tasted okay. It's not chewy like a delicious brownie, but it's very soft. I'm not sure what's up with the white coating on the outside, and it's kind of crumbly, which means overall it's a little dry. The flavor was pretty close to an American home-style brownie too.
This is a very small package of orange-flavored balls. Reading the katakana on the front identifies them as gumballs; each box comes with six pieces.
Children's gum in Japan is much softer and fresher than the cheap stuff in America. Eating one of these individually basically turns it into a soft candy, as it disintegrates quickly. But popping the entire box in your mouth at once gives a nice wad that has a ton of flavor and chews very easily. I don't recall any other flavors at the time I bought this, but I know I've seen others in the past. I'll stick with the adult gum, though - it's just like American gum in composition with long-lasting flavor.


  1. I buy those gum balls whenever I'm at the Japanese grocery store. Love the flavor... just wish they lasted longer and were a little cheaper.

  2. Agreed! For its size, Japanese food is pretty expensive. Lotteria is a fast food burger place here, and a $7 burger + fries + soda set generally involves a tiny burger, which isn't really that good anyway, not to mention the blah fries. I get that Japanese portions are small, but the price shouldn't stay the same.