31 Days of Halloween: Mommy, where do baby donuts come from?

Let's see what the early trick or treat basket holds for tonight, shall we?
This package contains ヤングドーナツ (Young Donuts). Which raises the question, will they grow up to be full size donuts? And if so, will they be Krispy Kreme or just Dunkin' Donuts?
That's about a kilogram of sugar they're coated with. Okay, I'm exaggerating. Each donut is about the diameter of two quarters.They're shaped like donuts and taste like donuts, but they're not soft and squishy like regular donuts. The consistency is not unlike a stale donut, which makes them a little off-putting. But hey, if I was a kid and wanted a sugar rush, I might grab a pack of these!
This little plastic bubble, also about the diameter of a couple quarters, is called プチハート (Petit Hearts). There are four little heart-shaped candies inside. It's a shame they don't come in a heart-shaped box. Yes, that's a Nirvana reference.
What else would these be but chocolates? Not much chocolate is included in the container, but this would be a nice little gift or prize, or a cute Halloween treat I suppose! The chocolate tastes pretty good, though it's plain milk chocolate.

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