31 Days of Halloween: Japanese Twix?

I have one crazy sweet tooth. Why other would I be undertaking such a unique project? And the tangible thing I miss most from America is the supply of candy and other foods. There are plenty of substitutes in many areas, but peanut butter mixed with chocolate just isn't popular here. So Reese's Cups, peanut butter MnMs, and peanut butter Twix don't make their way across the Pacific. Actually, regular Twix don't either, although I've found those in South Korea. Go figure.
Sequoia is a chocolate bar made by Furuta, a name which I usually see on children's novelty chocolates. The packaging here is a bit more geared to adults, and I found two flavors: chocolate and strawberry. Seriously, Japan loves its strawberries. Shortcake isn't shortcake unless it's strawberry shortcake.
I managed to open one of the packages so perfectly I could have probably sealed it back together again. Should I be worried about that? Anyway, there are two wafers with a layer of chocolate between them, and the whole thing is coated with another layer of chocolate. These are a bit smaller than Twix, and there's a distinct lack of caramel. Otherwise, they are almost the same, right down to texture and crunch.

The chocolate melts quite easily though; it's definitely a comfortable room temperature and just handling the chocolates outside of the wrappers got me a bit messy. But after washing my hands I can write this post to tell you that these taste pretty good. Nothing special, of course, but if you miss Twix, you could probably dip the chocolate version in caramel and be satisfied. I might try that with peanut butter. The strawberry version tastes just like strawberry chocolate always tastes in Japan, mild but apparent flavor.

Now I just need to get my US candy fix somehow. Maybe Hong Kong or Singapore has some good import stores!

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