31 Days of Halloween: Taffy that isn't Laffy

I've been on the hunt for American flavor lately. I just picked up a bag of Butterfinger candies and a box of Mac and Cheese, I enjoyed plenty of pretzels at the Halloween party, I had pizza for dinner last night, and I have some chips and salsa now (thank you - you know who you are!).

Sitting in my candy basket, unbeknownst to me, were a couple pieces of candy much like American taffy.
On top, in the black bag, is Colorful Gaburi Chew. The bottom bag is just normal Gaburi Chew. I don't know what Gaburi means, other than Gabriel, which might be the character you see on the package.
The brown log came from the white bag, and is cola flavored. It's very taffy-like, though unlike good taffy in America it isn't very stretchy or gooey - it's a bit more firm. This makes it much easier to eat, though. The flavor is spot on cola, though, there's no denying that!
The black package has a mystery flavor. And it still is a mystery. Seriously, I have no idea what it was. It was kind of Sprite-like - lemon-lime-ish. But it was pretty good.

These were good treats! I might have to buy some more of these soon.


  1. I can't provide a direct translation but γŒγΆγ‚Š usually refers to something like someone taking a huge bite of something.
    That looks good though. I might try some the next time I go over to Japan.

  2. Yeah, they're pretty good! Next time I go to the candy store I'll buy a couple more for myself.