31 Days of Halloween: Choco Bat and Choco Cake

Japan has dozens - hundreds, prehaps - of relatively unique candies, sweets, and snacks on the shelves of convenience stores, supermarkets, and surprisingly common snack and sweet shops. This month, I'm going to share many of those with you as a sort of Trick or Treat event!

I am going to generally stick with sweets, though a few salty snacks are in there. Just like the bags of pretzels or peanuts some people give out. And in the spirit of Halloween candy, I'm using inexpensive packages - fun size in the States.
First is the Choco Bat. I've had this before, but it's been a long time. I first heard of Choco Bat because I saw the little logo guy on a handheld fan and bought it (I'm a baseball fan, remember?). It was a couple months later that I finally tried one.
I guess Choco Bat sounds better than Choco Stick or Choco Log. But that's what it looks like. It's very lightweight, too.
The taste is okay for kids, but now I remember why I haven't had one in a long time. The chocolate isn't really rich enough and the semi-soft cake inside tastes artificial.
The Choco Cake is moon pie-sized, but less than 50 yen per package. There are two small cakes inside.
These are softer than the Bats, but essentially the same product. The Cakes are a little better tasting if I had to choose, but I'm not running back to the store for more.

Well, one pair of treats down! What will I pull out of my bag tomorrow?

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