When Western Food Gets Koreanized

One menu item I saw at several restaurants was a pork cutlet:
This is basically the same as southern fried steak or southern fried chicken from America, but with some pork instead. They covered it in mustard and a spicy sauce (a non-spicy version was available where I bought this meal), and served it with some veggies, salad, a potato wedge, rice, and a couple slices of the fruit I showed off yesterday. Plus, of course, the mostly-broth soup you see in the corner.

I don't think it's exactly healthy, and it was good but not something I'd want to eat very often. This particular dish came from E-World, an amusement park in Daegu, but as I said I saw it in several places. It might be on the menu of touristy places to appeal to foreigners; I'm not sure if Koreans actually eat it.

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