Summer Festival Time is Here!

I haven't seen any details on when exactly my city will hold its very popular "Odori" street festival, but some of the surrounding cities have already finished theirs. They tend to last a couple days with the big feature being what is best described as a parade.
 Dozens of groups participate, many sporting custom yukata (summer kimono) based on their affiliation. Some groups are local community groups, while other participants come from the same company. Each group is led by someone holding a lantern identifying the group.
 The order can change a little, but usually women come first, dancing on their toes by standing on their shoes in such a way that they function like high heels. It's a very specific dance, but it's not too complicated.
 Men follow, dancing as well. The dance here is similar and again quite simple.
Each group will have its own band playing different instruments, though they always have a bell-like instrument that they ring with a hammer and drums. The entire group chants as they walk down the street.

Despite all four photos above being of

This year, I'm hoping to really get some good photographs to give you even more details as to the street festival experience. And maybe I'll be able to get the post out before the end of summer!

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