CoCoIchi Curry Instant Udon: Is it as good as the restaurant?

I've mentioned CoCoIchi many times in the past. Most of my students know by now that I'm essentially addicted to the stuff, and I eat there about once a week. In fact, I just went there for lunch today (it's Friday night when I'm writing this post).

I almost always order the stewed chicken curry. But they also serve udon (a type of noodle soup) in curry form and various other dishes.
 The package is pretty large and you get a good full meal out of it, but still consume less than 500 calories. It's only a couple bucks - a bit pricier than some other instant noodles but still pretty reasonable.
 The dried udon noodlers are inside, plus three packets. There's a liquid soup packet, in blue, a clear package of dried toppings - mostly meat and onions, and the green liquid spice packet.

You add the dried toppings and soup plus hot water, and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, remove the rest of the lid, and stir. This is what you get:
Okay, it doesn't look terribly special. But it's pretty good. The distinct curry flavor is very obvious, and the spice packet gave it just the right kick. Yes, I'd prefer it to be even spicier, but then again curry is fine even in mild form.

I've never had CoCoIchi's curry udon but I'd say this is a pretty good match to their overall curry flavor. I prefer thicker curry, though, and this is a soup, so it's not quite my style. You can drink the flavorful broth once you finish the noodles, of course! I would be glad to have it again, in fact, if I ate instant noodles like this frequently!

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