Korean Street Food: Breakfast in the Afternoon

What you see are the Korean street food version of pancakes. The batter is light and fluffy, and not too sweet. They aren't served with any kind of sauce or other flavoring, so you can just eat them.

The big one is my favorite, though. Sealed inside that layer of pancake is an entire egg. The cooking process solidifies it similar to a hard boiled egg, so it's not messy.

I've come across these just a few times, though I'm sure they're more common than that. It's called Egg Bread, unsurprisingly, or in Korean: Gyeran Bbang. I've read that they're more common in colder months, though the ones you see here were picked up in May on a fairly warm day. They run about 700 won (70 cents) each, or 3 for around 2000 won ($2). Prices vary, of course.

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