Seoul Museum of Art, Seosomun

 A short distance north of Seoul Station is the City Hall, seen above. It has its own subway stop, so you can just get off there.

Across the street from the plaza is a famous palace, but I'll come back to that after I visit the Seoul Museum of Art.
 My visit to the museum coincided with a Tim Burton exhibit. I didn't go to the exhibition, as I'm not really crazy for Tim Burton, though in retrospect I probably would have still enjoyed it.\
The main collection focuses on modern art, spread over three stories and six halls. Admission is less than $1, though special exhibitions (which can be really good) have their own fees.

Overall, the Seoul Museum of Art is enjoyable, and the main exhibitions are worth the minor admission fee. For those visiting the city on a limited schedule, it's worth the time only if you're a big modern art fan, and if you're visiting the palace across the street. Of course, an interesting temporary exhibition can make it that much better. There are several other modern art museums scattered across the city, but I wasn't able to visit any of them on my trips due to planning issues, though I expect that I'll make it to a few more on my next visit to Seoul... whenever that is.

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