Korean Street Food: A Quick Seoul-ful Tour

You should never be hungry in Seoul.

There are plenty of sit-down restaurants and convenience stores scattered all around the city, but the best local cuisine Seoul has seems to come from the street.

It's not that the restaurants are bad. It's just that street food is good!
 Those may look like french fries, but they're really corn dogs... covered in french fries! Why haven't I tried this yet? I only come across these when I'm full or planning to eat something specific soon. There are lots of fried goods found on the street.
 Meat on sticks is pretty common.  Sausages (including blood sausage) are readily available, as well as chicken.
 Here you can see more meat on a stick - I think that's yakitori-style grilled chicken - and fried mini dumplings.
Add donuts to the list of fried foods. These are Chinese style. I saw a lots of sellers on the walkway between the subway station and Seoul Grand Park selling donut twists.
Of course, tteokbokki (a spicy stew of sorts of fish cakes and other ingredients in a spicy sauce) is fantastic, but fish cakes are also served on skewers and cooked in a broth. The broth is quite good, too - when I ordered tteokbokki at the stand you see above, I got a free cup of broth as a "drink" and it's wonderful!

There are breakfast foods, seafood dishes, and plenty of other desserts. I already miss Korean street food and I've been back for only a couple months!

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