Keeping Warm with a Korean Hot Pot

When I visited Seoul over the New Year holidays, it snowed three or four times in the week I was there. It was cold! After spending a day outside in Daegu, I found myself with about an hour's wait for my train back to Seoul.

The KTX station is spacious and full of restaurants, and I found one with something spicy to melt the frozen blood in my veins.
This set meal was just what I needed. The pot has a spicy chicken stew using the spicy red pepper paste found in so many Korean dishes. The side dishes are rice, kimchi, and something that I couldn't identify. That's a cup of tea behind the hot pot.

There are plenty of Korean dishes I still want to try, and many that I want to have again! I might need to make a trip to the Korean neighborhood in Tokyo to get my fill.

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