The Volleyball Train!

I'm still not ready to post my Korean trip photos and reports yet, so today I bring you a couple photos of a train that rolled into my station just once a couple weeks ago. I posted these photos on Facebook, and I'm told the characters are from an old anime (originally a manga) about women's volleyball called Attack No. 1.

The manga was first published in early 1968, and the anime series started in December 1969, running for 104 episodes. A few years later, Shin Attack No. 1 would see a couple of volumes issued and an 11-episode live-action TV drama aired in 2005.
 I'm not sure if all the images come from that show, but the volleyball imagery and the costume on the girl in the below shot matches what I saw in that video. Then again, don't all Japanese volleyball girls wear the same uniforms in anime and manga?
What happened to this train? Will I ever see it again? Why does it exist? The English-speaking world may never know...

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