Snacking from Hokkaido

I've shown many of the local Kit Kat flavors that you can find in Japan, but other snacks come in local flavors 
 Hokkaido is known for its produce and seafood, so the snacks pull in the flavor of the local farming industry. At the top, Pretz has a buttered grilled corn flavor, Collon with a milky flavor. Collon is a tubular wafer filled with cream similar to Oreo cream.

Next to the Collon is Hi-Chew, a soft Starburst-like candy (but better!). That's yubari melon (sweet cantaloupe) flavored. So is the Pocky next to it. On the right is a fish flavored Pretz. Pretz, if you didn't guess, is a stick pretzel snack, though it tends to come in flavors, and isn't buttered or salted like normal pretzels are.

The big yellow bag is a chip-like crunchy snack, but I don't remember what it is, and the red bear package must have had a cookie or something. The blue packages at the bottom are "soft katsugun" candies, though it's been a little too long and I don't recall their flavor.

But then there's also the potato-shaped Hokkaido Ageimo. And yes, it has a potato flavor. And everything here was quite tasty.
I didn't try the shrink-wrapped chicken wings from the UFO Catcher crane games, though...

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