Let's Try A Random Japanese Snack!

This looks innocent enough, right? Lemo Nack is the name. I picked it up at the 100 yen shop for 70 yen. Yes, they sell things for more or less than 100 yen, though a large majority of goods sell for 100 yen before tax. I figured it was a lemon-flavored cake of some kind. There's no telling how it'll taste, though.

Opening the package, it's shaped like half a lemon. It even has an icing coating resembling a lemon peel. But packaged products with icing are hit or miss. What happens when I bite into it? Will it be super-strong sour lemon? Will it be a hint of lemon? Will it have no lemon taste, and just be named after its shape and design?
Well, there's my bite. It's a cake inside, and overall it has a mild but obvious lemon taste. I'm surprised there's no cream filling, but the cake is moist, soft, and spongy. The icing is a bit greasy as expected, but it didn't leave an aftertaste. Unlike some similar packaged sweets, it was almost as good as the daily sweets found at convenience stores. I give this one a thumbs up!

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