Booze in Japan: Chu-Hi

This stuff is dangerous.
With a fairly potent alcohol content - it's right there on the can - and sweet flavors, chu-hi is a drink that comes pretty cheap and lets those who want their fruity beverages get tipsy at the same time.

This is the very first can I ever tried, a couple weeks ago. I haven't had it since, though I haven't exactly sworn it off. Chu-hi is basically a wine cooler, though Japan has those too. Zima is on the shelves of my local convenience stores. But being a locally-made product, it's cheaper.

If you've ever had a wine cooler, you basically know what this tastes like and how the experience will go. I've found that wine coolers taste okay, but soon after I don't feel so good. This had the same effect. I am sure part of the issue is how fast I could drink this compared to beer, plus possibly having an empty stomach.

I know a few friends in Japan who are essentially addicted to chu-hi, and at a price that's comparable to or cheaper than beer, I'm not surprised!

Personally, when I do drink in Japan it's usually beer. I finally bought a bottle of Jack Daniels to make some Jack and Cokes from time to time. What's your poison of choice?

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