Kyoto's Chionin Temple

 Chionin is the main temple of the Jodo sect of Japanese Buddhism, which (seemingly like every Buddhist sect in Kyoto) is one of the most popular in Japan. You start at the massive Sanmon Gate.
 The grounds are spacious and beautiful, including the hike up stairs.
 There are several buildings on the grounds, a massive bell, and a mausoleum.
 The main hall (called Miedo Hall) is currently covered and undergoing renovation. The Mido Hall is functioning as a replacement until renovations are complete some time in 2019.

 While you can't access the Miedo Hall you can see just a bit of the reconstruction efforts.

 Many of the important artifacts are on display in nearby buildings.
 The doors are particularly beautiful. There is also a statue of Amida Buddha in Amidado Hall.

 Behind Miedo Hall are paths that lead up the hill to several smaller buildings.

 This is Amidado Hall.
 In addition to the buildings in the hillside, you'll find a garden and cemetery.

 It's a beautiful temple, especially once you get past the main area and enter the gardens and see the smaller temples.

 For tourists, it doesn't really have any outstanding features. But you'll be in the area anyway, and it is a beautiful, quieter temple to visit in the afternoon.
Chionin Temple is located just north of Maruyama Park. The grounds are always open, but the buildings are open 9:00-16:30; admission is free. Entry to Hojo Garden is 400 yen, Yuzen Garden is 300 yen, and a combination ticket is just 500 yen. I didn't visit the gardens due to time constraints but I hope to find time to return to Kyoto and see them at some point.

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