McDonalds on Steroids: the Mega Mac

 For about a week last month, McDonalds offered a super-sized sandwich. Normally, I'm not a Big Mac guy. I prefer the double quarter pounder with cheese. Or just a cheeseburger. But since I have made it a mission of sorts to try as many of the limited-time offers as I can, I ruined my diet (just like I always do) in the name of journalism.
 So, take whatever's on a Big Mac, and double most of it. Extra meat, extra cheese, some extra lettuce and I'm sure there's extra sauce. All on the double-bottomed Big Mac bun. With sesame seeds, so it's healthy!
I think I'm more of a Big Mac fan now, because the sandwich was pretty good. But when the sandwich starts getting more and more layers, it becomes more and more difficult to manage. I'd rather have a burger just as large, with the same amount of toppings, in fewer layers - a bigger bun, one big piece of meat, etc. It's just much easier to eat. So, the Mega Mac is just another novelty to add to the list. Tasty, but tough to manage.

Currently, McDonalds is running a Brazil-themed promotion (big shock there, right?). More on that soon!

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