Shiodome, Home of Tokyo's Coolest Clock and European Garden

 Tick, tock, tick, tock, I'm a little cuckoo clock. Located in the shopping complex between Shinbashi and Shiodome Stations, this massive clock has a ton of inner workings that put on quite the show every hour.
 The massive structure has claws! There are several shops inside, and if you go on weekends or holidays you might catch something special - there was some sort of dance group practicing on a stage in the afternoon. Actually, seeing idol groups performing at malls isn't too difficult. Go to a major mall on the weekend and you have a pretty good chance of seeing a live performance.
 Some sand sculptures were being perfected while I was there. This one is quite passionate.
 I don't really know what this is. Broken faces. Something from the Fifth Element movie.
 Just south of Shiodome Station, following the monorail tracks toward Hamamatsucho, is a public garden.
 It looks like it was arranged as a buffer between the surrounding large buildings.
 It has a European feel, and statues line the hedges on the outer edges.
 Venus de Milo.
 The woman pouring water statue, pouring water.
 There are rose bushes, too.
 It's not a large garden, but it was a welcome stop on my walk from Hamamatsucho to Shiodome.

The garden isn't as well-tended to as I'd expect being in Japan. I'm sure it's mostly forgotten by the public, except for those looking for a place to go outside during lunch.

The clock is found in the southeastern outside plaza of Nippon TV Tower near Shiodome Station, and the garden can be found by walking along the road beneath the monorail tracks. Hama Rikyu Garden is a block east of Shiodome Station, and Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden is just east of Hamamatsucho Station, so it's possible to spend an entire afternoon strolling from garden to garden, stopping for a bite to eat at Shiodome! Also near Shiodome is the old Shinbashi Station and ADMT Advertising Museum Tokyo. And a little bit north of Shiodome is Ginza.

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