Meguro Parasitological Museum: The Ikky Things

 If you're into strange or gross things, or interested in the evil creatures of our world, a small museum in Meguro has just what you need.
 The good stuff is found in the display cases, where you'll find jar after jar of labeled specimens. Some of them are pretty cool looking!
 The jars are lined along shelves in neat little rows.
 The second floor holds the jewel of the museum, if there is such a thing at a museum of parasites - an 8.8 meter-long tapeworm, and a long piece of fabric tape so you can get a hands-on feel for how long that really is.
Also in the museum is a collection of books showing research the museum has done.

Admission is free; the museum is open Tuesday through Sunday 10-5. It's pretty easy to find - follow Meguro Dori west for about 15 minutes from Meguro Station, or take a bus two stops from the west exit (apparently any bus except 黒09 goes to the museum) to Otori-Jinja Mae (大鳥神社前).


  1. Very cool and gross at the same time. I bet my nephew would love this place.

  2. Ewww...I think my 13 year old has a tapeworm. He won't stop eating (or growing)!

  3. It seems so gross but the place feels so sterile and the creatures are all so scientifically stored in those little jars, that much of the ick factor is gone.