A fall stroll through Meguro Nature Study Institute and Park

 Meguro (not to be confused with maguro) is a city of Tokyo just south of Ebisu and Shibuya, accessible via the Yamanote train line. It has a few tourist attractions, including a very nice natural-style botanical garden.
 Meguro Nature Study Institute and Park is essentially a natural park with trees and a lake.
 I visited in the fall as the leaves were starting to change, and there were several "leafers" there to take pictures along with me.
 I'm sure the park is beautiful at least three seasons during the year.
 It feels very natural, if you ignore the path itself, with small clearings and different kinds of trees scattered about.

 The contrasts of colors in some parts of the park were wonderful. Unfortunately it was overcast so the colors feel a bit muted.
 Even without direct sunlight, though, the depth of the park is amazing.

 Toward the back of the park is a small lake.
 The edge of a lake is sort of a marsh.

 I did a good job of framing the photographers out of many of my own pictures, but there were dozens of others taking pictures of the red, yellow, and orange leaves.
 Despite being next to the Yamanote line and an expressway, it's very quiet in the park and even the road stays out of sight.

The park is about 10 minutes on foot from Meguro Station, and is open Tuesday through Sunday 9-4:30 (until 5pm from April through August). Admission is 300 yen.

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