Outdoor Art: Meguro Museum of Contemporary Sculpture

 Tucked away in a residential area of Meguro is an outdoor museum full of contemporary sculptures.
 The museum is split into three areas: one sits on a small lot and is a collection of art.

 Follow the path at the back of the lot. The wall is covered with tiny works of art.
 They look like little people!
 You'll see a series of statues in front of a building with some more sculptures inside. The sculptures outside of the building are more interesting...
...he says and then shows a bunch of nude women. Many of the sculptures come from the same artist.
 This statue is kind of heartbreaking.

I'm a fan of contemporary art and sculptures, so this was certainly worth the walk for me. Admission is free; the museum is open 10-5 Tuesday through Sunday. Access is on foot from Naka-Meguro Station (15-20 minutes) on the Hibiya line, or Meguro Station (15-20 minutes) on the Yamanote Line. It's also possible to walk to/from Ebisu Station (20-25 minutes) from the museum, as it's located somewhat between all three stations.

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