Museum of Yebisu Beer: Tokyo's Only Beer Museum

 Japanese beer may be fairly standard and mild-flavored, but that doesn't mean it's bad. Beer brwery tours and museums can be found throughout Japan, Tokyo itself has only one museum, located in Ebisu. Just go through this door... through the department store...
 And keep following the signs into the museum itself, with two giant beer cans on either side of the doors. Yebisu beer brought about the name of the town of Ebisu. The museum and Ebisu Garden Place is built on the site of the old brewery. Yebisu is now owned by Sapporo.
 The entry is one floor above the museum itself. The balcony has a picture of the God Yebisu; don't step on the image as that is disrespectful.
 The museum has a gallery full of old bottles and images. Here's a very old beer bottle.
 Here's another one.
 The katakana says Yebisu Beer. Actually, the "Ye" sound as disappeared from most of the Japanese language, which is why the area is now known as Ebisu. The y sound in "yen" (Japanese currency) isn't pronounced either. So you will be told your purchase totals in "en".
 Lots of historic beer signs are on the walls.
 I love old advertising artwork of this style, just like American businesses used in the past.
Little trinkets and paraphernalia are on display.

There is a tour (500 yen) of the brewing process given in Japanese. I didn't take the tour, though I might try in the future with a Japanese friend. A store is located across from the gallery as well as a tasting bar - beers can be purchased with Yebisu coins - one coin (400 yen) gives you one beer; food costs one or two coins.

The museum is open Tuesdays through Sundays 11AM-7PM. The museum itself is free and is located in Ebisu Garden Place, about five minutes walk from Ebisu Station on the JR and Hibiya lines.

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