Location: Old Shimbashi Station

 Just a short walk from the current Shinbashi Station is a rebuilt version of the old Shinbashi Station.
 The building was torn down and built over, but recent repurposing of the surrounding area uncovered the original foundations. The building was rebuilt over the old foundations and turned into a museum.
 The "addition" you see here covers some of the original foundation.
 A "sample" platform shows where the tracks ran.
 The tracks ran right up to the building here, which means this must have been the end of the line.
 Again, the original foundations are preserved and visible. The area sits just a bit higher than it used to.
 In front of the station, the original curb is protected but visible too.
 Inside, there's a large museum space upstairs that has a collection of train memorabilia. It's a large space but it's somewhat empty. I think it's used for meetings and parties too. But downstairs, the station's history is preserved and explained with some good English signage.
 The signs on the wall detail the history of the station and the work done to preserve what's left. Under the glass floor, you can see the original foundation blocks.
Display cases have artifacts such as glass bottles and more train memorabilia.

Entry is free, and for train buffs or history fans in the area (visiting ADMT or Ginza, for example) it's convenient - it is right next to the current Shimbashi Station after all. Not much is available online about the museum, but it was open on Sunday in the early afternoon when I visited. My TimeOut Tokyo guide lists it as being open Tuesday-Sunday 12-6. It's a pleasant way to spend half an hour or so learning about Tokyo's rail history.

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