Xinzhuang Stadium/Hsinchuang Stadium, Taipei

It's 8:08 on 8/08, at least on the west coast. Okay, so I'm a geek.
 Built in 1997, Xinzhuang Stadium sees a few Taiwanese major league (CPBL) baseball games every year.
 I was hoping to see a game when I visited last year, but my fears were realized when I found the game canceled due to heavy rains earlier in the day.  I could peak through some of the gates to get a hint of what the grounds look like.
 The concourse is wide and open to the game below, something I usually don't see in Japan's parks.
 There are two levels with an overhang which wouldn't provide much sun in the afternoon (which sets behind third base) if you're on the first base side.
 I walked all the way around the stadium. The scoreboard is separated from the rest of the stadium enough that you can walk in front of it!
 Have a look.
The stadium is part of a large park area including this pond area with a multi-story pavilion. It was from the upper level that I took the first picture in this post as the sun set behind the stadium. The stairs to the top of the princess's room were closed. I guess Rapunzel really is locked up there. The park and stadium are located north of Jieyunxinzhuang Stadium.

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