Taipei's Ximending: The Shibuya of Taiwan

Some say Taiwanese people embrace some of Japanese culture. Let's have a look. Ximending, as compared to Shibuya.
Exit the main train station's main exit, and you reach an intersection, just like Shibuya. There's a zebra crossing, just like Shibuya. Sure, it's not quite as big. And the buildings aren't as impressive.
But turn around, and you'll see gigantic advertisements for fashion and pop culture.
Similar to Shibuya, the area in front of the station is a popular gathering place. There's enough space for street performers, too.
A large crowd was gathered here. I think the show involved a monkey.
Just like Shibuya, Ximending has tons of small shops selling clothes.
Accessories shops are right next to small food stores.
More clothes...
More clothes...
More clothes...
More food... Yes. I think those are bird heads.
More food and drinks...
More clothes...
Like Shibuya, Ximending is a place for nightlife. And the young guys and girls dress up in fashionable clothes.
Keep walking, and you'll see Hello Kitty shoes.
It looks like most of the clubs are in a very condensed area.
A little street art can be found tucked in the corner.
Ahh, crazy fashion. A bunny skull with raised dots t-shirt. Or something.
Do you need sexy clubwear clothes?
I don't know what exactly was happening here, but I think it was some sort of a comic art shop.
Yes, I think Ximending is very much like Shibuya.
Men's suits on sale!
Fruit on sale! It was quite expensive.
And of course, shoes.
Hungry? You can have KFC. Other than McDonald's, I didn't see many fast food restaurants in Taiwan, except for this area.
The fruit stand had some delicious snacks, perfect for a hot summer evening!
And caricatures can be found if you look hard enough.
Returning to the station, I came across a different performer giving a street concert.

Ximending is different from the night markets of Taiwan - it feels cleaner, hipper, and safer. The similarities between it and Shibuya are amazing. However, I still recommend the night markets for actual shopping; Ximending is a place to shop for major labels, people-watch, and grab a bite to eat at a trendy or themed restaurant. Speaking of themed restaurants, tomorrow I'll post pictures from my visit to one!


  1. That comic art shop looks like a tattoo shop (see that guy holding a tattoo device in his hand?) I am visiting Taipei this Dec. Thanks for the review! :)

    1. Have a great time in Taipei! I hope I can visit again sometime. It's a vibrant city.