Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei: Eating from a Toilet... on a Toilet

 Are you looking for a unique place to eat while in Taipei? Head to Ximending and look for the poo-filled toilet. And the golden poo mascot. Yes, it's...
 Modern Toilet. A restaurant where you sit on toilets and admire toilet lids on the wall.
 The tables are large basin sinks. Look inside the sink..
 There are decorations and small cards. Other patrons have scribbled drawings or their names and slipped them into the sink from under the glass. Okay, order your food! I suggest something that should come in a bowl.
 This isn't what I ordered. They sent me the wrong thing first. This is actually curry. A decent presentation.
 The curry bowl is actually a small toilet!
 And this little thing covered one of the small bowls. Yes, it's very nicely shaped poo.

The restaurant quickly realized their mistake ... after I had taken a bite. I thought it tasted familiar (it doesn't look like Japanese curry, after all).
Here's my chicken hot pot. It, too, came in a toilet bowl!
 Here's the soup, full of meat and vegetables. It was very spicy, so I was happy.
My meal came with dessert - ice cream in a Japanese-style toilet.

The food is good, but you're not coming here for top notch cuisine. You're here to eat from a toilet while sitting on a toilet. And the place is fairly fun.

There are other themed restaurants in Taipei, though Modern Toilet is the most well-known; I think it's been around the longest. There is a ninja restaurant, Barbie and Hello Kitty themed restaurants, and a place designed to look somewhat like an airplane.

Modern Toilet has a location in Ximending down a small alley (there are lots of small alleys in Ximending with stores and restaurants). It's best to check their website and get directions from there. I can't seem to bring up their menu via the English site to review prices or menu items/choices.


  1. I remember hearing about this restaurant... although for some reason, I thought it was located in Japan. Very cool. I'm not sure if I'll ever make it to Taiwan, but if I do... I'd definitely eat there.

  2. There are a few Modern Toilet restaurants scattered around Asia, but I'm pretty sure Taiwan is where they started. There are plenty of theme restaurants here, though, including the very popular (and expensive) Robot Restaurant and all the maid cafes now found all over the country.