Taipei's Core Pacific City Mall, Taiwan

Have a ball while shopping. Maybe that was the first thought that came to mind when architects were brainstorming what kind of building to create for a new shopping center.
 Core Pacific City Mall was built in 2001, and features 19 floors, seven of which are underground. But the obvious design highlight is the giant sphere in the middle.
 An escalator takes visitors into the sphere, which houses a department store.
 Around the sphere is an L-shaped building with typical mall stores.
Where Taipei 101's mall contains high-end stores charging high-end prices, Core Pacific City tends to have lower prices, maintaining its popularity with the masses. It is served by several city buses, though the nearest subway station is a long walk from the mall.
 Arriving just before a rain storm, I was glad to spend a couple hours inside just walking around a little to see the stores. I had a nondescript lunch in the food court before heading on my way.
 Fans of architecture (or those who like seeing gigantic spheres or really love Star Wars or want to reenact the moment of conception with the assistance of an elevator) will probably want to come check the place out, though I repeat my warning: don't shop at malls (for clothes especially) when there are exciting night markets all over town.

From Sun-Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station, the mall is about a 1-km walk north (about 15 minutes). Or take a bus that stops at the mall. It's basically open during normal mall hours (about 11 AM until late evening).

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