Taipei's Coolest Museum: The Miniatures Museum of Taiwan

 I know what you're thinking: A miniatures museum? With a European house facade entryway? How could this possibly be good? That's what I was thinking too, but on the other hand I had read good things about it online. Originally a destination I had intended on skipping if time was short, heavy rain in the afternoon kept this stop on my itinerary. I'm glad I visited!
 So, yes, it has a bunch of dollhouses, arranged in a variety of situations.
 It has mini scenes in decorative eggs.
 And it has more dollhouses. But the houses are all quite beautiful and very realistic, with outdoor scenes as well as indoor themes.
 With the right angle, it looks like you're in the front yard of this large house.
 There are toys, too!
 "Why, yes, I do believe I'll stay for tea!"
 "Madame, may I have this dance?"
 "What a lovely dress you have." "Thank you!"
 Ferris wheel!
 The detail on the buildings is amazing. These aren't your run-of-the-mill toys.
 The small scenes really are life-like.
 Park scene?
 Do you live in a house with glass walls?
 Have a seat in my living room!
 I'll play a tune on the piano for you.
 Excuse me while I get us some snacks.
 Care for an apple?
 Oh no, Snow! Don't eat the apple!
There are fun scenes from classic children's tales, as you can see from the above images.

 The Phantom of the Opera strikes again!
 Is that Marie Antoinette?
Alice in Wonderland
 Hungry? These are about the size of a quarter.
 Gulliver's Travels?
 Protect the castle at all costs!

 Village Scene
 Entire streetscapes were created.
 Fresh produce?
 Dancing children?
 Musical instruments?
 Ancient ruins that would be really fun to run around in.
 A small Western mountains village.
 Small models like these can be found in Japan.
 But entire streets like this one replicating vintage towns take a lot of work!
 A palace fit for a fly.
Candy house!

The Miniatures Museum of Taiwan is a great stop for those with children who can appreciate such a museum. There are tons of displays but a great deal of variety, so it's difficult to get bored easily. And others can enjoy the museum as well - modelists and train hobbyists, for instance (though there aren't really any train displays, those who create realistic town and country layouts would enjoy it).

Open from 10-6 except for Mondays, the museum is a short walk (about 6 minutes) from Songjian Nanjing Station on the metro line. I ended up taking taxis to and from the museum to save time because the locations I came from and went to weren't easily accessible by other forms of transportation, and the weather and time weren't on my side. There's a nice gift shop with plenty of dollhouse furniture and other miniatures supplies and souvenirs.


  1. Very... very... very cool. I especially like that ferris wheel and the castle scene.

  2. The street scenes (including the castle) are my favorites. If I can ever get back to Taiwan, and I have extra time in Taipei, I'm going to return to the museum.