Taipei Fine Arts Museum and Story House

 The rain finally let up as I was leaving the Lin An Tai House for the walk through a park to the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. This boardwalk is found along the way, fairly new and oddly out of place.
 A very old tree is near the pathway. It's a pleasant walk in the afternoon.
 Another old tree is seen nearby. They look great for climbing, or to put a treehouse in!
 Continue down the walkway through a developing shady tunnel. Turn around and the view looks similar but unique - and as the rain clouds ran away I finally saw blue skies for the first time in several hours.

 The clouds remained in the west as I kept traveling through the park to the museum.
 Ah, finally! I'm there! And this is the only picture I have of the museum. Photography isn't permitted inside, and it wouldn't matter because the exhibits are generally temporary and you wouldn't see them on your visit. I didn't spend too long at the museum, because the exhibits at the time of my visit weren't my style.
 In front of the Fine Arts Museum is the Story House. This old house is very photogenic and contains a small museum and restaurant.
I was a little too late to go inside and view the exhibits, but I could take pictures of the front from outside the gate.

The Taipei Fine Arts Museum is open from 9:30-17:30 except Mondays; admission is NT$30. Taipei Story House is open 10-17:30 except Mondays with NT$50 admission. Yuan Shan metro station is a long walk away, but it's through a nice park/plaza area (different from what you saw above). Alternatively, a long list of buses stop nearby.


  1. That tunnel and old trees are awesome!

  2. Agreed! A nice surprise on my trip.