Woobang Tower Land/E-World Amusement Park, Daegu, Korea

 E-World used to be known as Woobang Tower Land; I'm not sure why they changed the name. Regardless, it's a fairly nice park nestled in the hills in Daegu.
Be prepared to walk a lot of hills. You can take the sky lift up to the tower at the top of the park, and walk down from there.

 The Ghost Adventure attraction wasn't that great.
 As usual, there are plenty of standard rides, and the Tagadisco, a ride which tries to throw you out of your seat.

 Hurricane wasn't open on either of my visits.
 Most of the coasters were closed on both of my visits, once thanks to the cold, and the second time due to heavy rain.

 The Top Spin ran a tame cycle first, then did something a bit more thrilling before finally finishing the ride.
 Soda below, snacks on top! I never did get to try this.
 In the winter, most of the kids rides were open, including the little powered coaster Magic Castle. So I managed to get one credit on my first visit. Magic Castle was closed on my second visit, though.
 From snow to rain, I just keep having bad luck in Korean amusement parks.

 The tower is quite photogenic from many points in the park.
 All of the rides were closed on my second visit until about noon.
 Hurricane and Camel Back never opened.

 The park has batting cages, though they were closed due to the weather. It wasn't really raining but it had rained overnight (in fact, it stopped raining right before I got to the park) and things were just starting to dry.
 There's a small zoo here, too.
 Into the rabbit hole... it's just a dark tunnel.
 Nothing really impressive here, just reptiles and farm animals and such.

 Camel Back might not be operating any more, or it could have been under maintenance.
 Check out those seats. I am assuming that means the trains were rehabilitated.

 The only coaster I rode on my second visit was the Boomerang. It was just like any other Boomerang.
 Having about two hours of non-riding time in the morning meant that I took a ton of pictures around the park. With no children in the park at the time, I didn't have to worry about stares from parents while shooting pics of the kids rides.

 I like the little car ride, only because it has a VW Beetle.
 Aladdin is a gigantic funhouse that I think was made by connecting three carnival funhouses together. It just goes on and on!
 As I mentioned, Magic Castle was closed on my second visit.

 I went back to the bottom of the park to take the sky lift to the tower.
 Hurricane on the left, Camel Back on the right.
 There is a sports park near E-World.
 The bungee jumping was closed, but it looks like they're planning on reopening it.
 What's so special about the men's urinals? The view!
I went back down to the amusement park after killing about 30 minutes at the nearly empty tower. They let the rabbits at the zoo out around noon too!

 Eventually, the rides began to open, though Hurricane and Camel Back never opened - the two rides that I really wanted to open.
 The sun even came out around 2 PM.
The park is usually open 9:00-20:00 (22:00 on weekends) though hours can vary. Admission is 11,000 won, and an all-day pass is 24,000 won ($24). The all-day pass includes tower admission.

Take the Daegu Subway Line 2 to Duryu Station, and go out Exit 15 (the station has an underground mall just above it). turn left on around the corner, following the main road for a couple blocks to the entry to the park.

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