Hot Summer Means Cool Drinks!

I've been a bit disappointed with the limited edition drinks this year. There just haven't been as many as in the past, and the ones I've tried just didn't stand out.
But one of the new sodas to hit shelves this summer is the Cola Float by Pokka Sapporo, and the taste is exactly like you'd expect! It has the taste of a good cola with the creamy vanilla goodness of ice cream. Unfortunately, there is no actual ice cream inside, but on a hot day this is a great way to quench your thirst. It does have a good bit more calories than most sodas, though it's not as crazy as the Lemon Coke - the lemon flavoring alone just about tripled the calories over regular Coca-Cola for what was a minor (and not overly appealing) flavor difference.

Of course, you could just make your own cola floats. Or just buy ice cream, which really hits the spot on the super-hot days we've been seeing here lately!


  1. I love trying the different sodas when I go to Japantown. I'll have to see if my store has this flavor.

  2. Fanta just came out with an awesome mango flavor too. Keep an eye out for that!

    1. That sounds amazing! I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled.