My First KBO Game at Mokdong Baseball Stadium, Seoul, Korea

 My flight arrived at Incheon Airport in the early afternoon on my second visit, and I hurried my way to the train, making my way to Mokdong Stadium. The last leg of my trip involved a several-minute walk, where I passed this pavilion.
 Finally, a stadium! Let's watch baseball. The weather was miserable so crowds were light despite being a Sunday game.
 You can't walk all the way around the stadium, as the seating only extends to the bullpens behind left field and right field. It's a small, pleasant park.
 Here's the view from the outfield and the bullpen.
 Most people were hidden up under the covering behind home plate.
 Seating at home plate is pretty nice, and there's a bit of a skyline behind the outfield. Granted, it's just standard housing, but it's something.
 The Nexen Heroes play here, and with three teams in Seoul they are the least-popular. The game was fun, though, despite not seeing any cheerleaders here (or at any of the KBO games I attended). I could totally see myself having season tickets with the Heroes, as the feel here was like a minor league game - relaxed but still with a good level of play.
In the end the game was pretty close - after giving up two runs early, the Eagles pitchers settled down and they nearly came back in the bottom of the ninth.

Mokdong Baseball Stadium is pretty easy to get to; take Subway Line 5 to Omokgyo Station, and take exit 3 or 4. Walk straight north; the road will join with a larger road to the right (don't go into the tennis complex) and you'll reach the baseball stadium after a long block's walk.

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