Down for the day...

I'm having some major computer problems again. I ran some software repairs but I think my hard drive is failing.

With summer vacation coming this month I can't just drop a few hundred dollars on a new computer, which is what I probably need. I'm hoping that the repairs I ran will work and my computer can last another month, or hopefully several months. But if I can't use my computer I can't write posts... or do anything I normally do at home. If the computer's working well tonight I can write a new post for tomorrow...

Hopefully see you again soon!


  1. Sounds like a great time to make sure you've got EVERYTHING you need from that drive all backed up.

  2. Yeah. I always keep everything off of the computer, but I have to move stuff over (scans, new photos, etc) occasionally. I made a list of programs that I have to have should/when I get a new computer. It's surprisingly short.

    Things tonight are going okay, so I have a post written for tomorrow. Just finished! Thankfully, I already uploaded a ton of photos for the Korea posts and I uploaded some baseball card scans last night before the trouble started. But writing posts requires a computer, so if I can't use this I'll have to go to an internet cafe *shudder*.