A Fistful of Shrimp: More Korean Chow

While my Korean adventures are over for now, a recent trip to Chinatown in Yokohama provided me with some more snacks imported from South Korea. You see, there's a store in Chinatown selling lots of K-Pop goods, plus a handful of Korean munchies.
 First are these shrimp-flavored corn snacks. Like the Ghana chocolate and shrimp snacks I showed yesterday, the shrimp (prawn) flavor is very mild. Without chocolate, it's more obvious, but these were tasty and I finished the bag pretty fast. Yes, I got them on sale for only 50 yen.
 Also on sale for 50 yen was this bag of tteokbokki. It has Japanese characters in addition to Korean, so it's probably a bit milder than the original Korean versions to suit the Japanese palate.
 They had a bit of spice of course, but they're coated in a sweet glaze to make them very easy to eat. Again, they were very enjoyable and I finished the bag fast.
 Speaking of tteokbokki, there is an instant version available. I picked this up in in Korea, but waited a month or two before eating it for lunch. Preparation is simple - remove the fish cakes and sauce from their packages, put them back in the container and toss it in the microwave for two minutes.
There isn't quite enough sauce included for full flavor, but there is enough to coat all the fish cakes and add appropriate flavor. You can see the little fork they included to eat the tteokbokki with, too! It's not enough for a meal, but it works as a nice snack. Given the ease of finding this snack fresh on the street at a lower price, I wouldn't eat this regularly. But I bought it as a "souvenir" to bring back and enjoy later in Japan, and it served its purpose nicely.

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