Happy Wasted Day

It's New Years Eve! It's a happy time. However, it's still really cold here and I'm not having any luck with roller coasters again.

Two parks were on the schedule, and two parks I visited. One, Gyeongju World, had half of their coasters running by noon, but the others weren't opening for the day. So I rode what I could and left for the second park.

I was planning that second park to be Tongdo Fantasia, but I couldn't communicate with the woman working the intercity bus counter. I waited a long time for the bus back to the train station, but the timing worked out that I could get some instructions for tomorrow and head to Daegu.

Somewhere in town is a park that used to be called Woobang Towerland. It's now known as E-World. I arrived a bit after 4 pm and found that every coaster was closed due to the cold. I still rode a few rides and took a bunch of pictures.

All told, I spent about $200 including my train pass (the most of any day on my trip by a factor of two) and got on two roller coasters. Yup. I did stop at a small grocery store and buy some of that chili paste. I hope I can bring it on the plane!

I have a big decision for tomorrow now. Do I was down to Busan and sightsee (most tourist attractions will probably be closed for New Years), try to get to the other theme park and hope some coasters are open, or eat the rest of the train ticket and stay in Seoul? If I stay, what do I do? Again, it's New Years Day so most things will probably be closed.

Ugh. I really think I made a mistake coming here in winter, given my interests. Sure, the parks are open. You just can't ride anything. And there's no baseball. I should have gone to Kyoto.

Well, at least I have some spicy chicken hot pot for dinner. It's got that chili paste in the sauce.

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