Happy New Year from Korea!

Yeah. Like the title says, happy new year to you all!

I didn't celebrate the new year this year with drinking or a countdown or anything. In fact, I was just sitting in my hostel room, changing clothes or playing on the Internet or fussing about what to do today. It turns out that I decided to sleep in and use my "extra" day caused by canceling my trip to Busan for a little window shopping.

I woke up a little before 10, and putzed around the room for a while. I left around noon and enjoyed some Taco Bell for lunch. For "crappy" fast food, it isn't half bad. I had a potato taco supreme (that's where the meat is replaced with potatoes) plus some more fairly healthy (for Taco Bell) food.

I made my way back to Dongdaemun where all the flea market vendors set up. There was a good bit of snow again last night/early this morning - a couple inches - so I thought there wouldn't be many dealers. I was, thankfully, wrong. I found a bobblehead from Japan for ₩5000. It must have been a stadium giveaway.

At the end of the seemingly random line of people peddling their junk is the Folk Flea Market. I had been here before too, but wanted another look around. This time I almost bought a set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys. I also saw a little KBO stuff! Two baseball bats were there but I have no idea how I would get them home so I didn't ask a price. From the same dealer or another (it's hard to tell in this place) I also saw a bunch of dirty baseballs. But they appeared to have KBO team logos on them. I'm not sure if they were just souvenirs or game-used, but when the dealer came around the corner and saw me holding one, he instantly threw up the "no" sign with his hands. I was quite disappointed, despite the quality. Why are they there, in a place of business, mixed in with other stuff you're apparently selling, visible to me, if they aren't for sale? Needless to say I became a bit grumpy due to the experience.

Shutout at the Flea Market, I went back to see if the sports store was open (it wasn't) and then browsed around Lotte Mart in Jamsil. That place was a madhouse.

From there, it was a short train ride back to Itaewon. I was bad today with eating but due to my sour mood I ate a banana split. It wasn't exactly a banana split, really. But close. Anyway, it was good enough to cheer me up.

I've spent the rest of the night planning out my last two days. Due to tour scheduling, I had to reshuffle my itinerary for the rest of the trip. So tomorrow I'll probably sleep in a while (maybe not too much) before touring a major temple. And in the afternoon I'm going to a couple museums - one for the 1988 Olympics and another for historical artifacts.

I need to get more Korean foods too! I've tried lots of great street food but I haven't had bibimbap yet. There's a place near here that I will probably try tomorrow night for dinner. So until then...

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