Location: Opening Ceremony

 Shibuya is where Tokyo's in-style ladies and gentlemen head to shop for clothing, while the rich buy couture in Ginza and teenagers get their threads in Harajuku. One of the biggest (though not the busiest) clothing stores in Shibuya is Opening Ceremony.
 The store feels almost empty. Unlike most stores in Tokyo, wide open spaces and attention to decoration gives the feeling that you're less in a clothing store and more in a gallery of wearable art. Perhaps that's the idea here?
 Each of the eight floors is unique and tells its own story, with different styles of clothing or, in the case of the above picture, a collection of accessories and home decorations (wait, what?).
 As you enter each floor, a new world emerges. I wish I could take pictures of all the fantastic displays to show you how fun this store is. More photos and details are available on their website.
Someone signed the wall, though the signature isn't quite in the photo.

Opening Ceremony is located on the same street as the Disney Store. If you're facing the store, head to the right, and look for the giant entry. To get there from Shibuya Station, use the scramble to cross over toward Starbucks, and walk with Starbucks on your left. After crossing Inokashira Dori, follow the fork/curve to the left; you should quickly pass the Disney Store on your left. Keep walking about two more buildings and you're there! The store is open from 10-9 (8 on Sundays). I'm not sure if you'll find something to buy, but you'll certainly enjoy the experience.

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