I was Santa!

Today was my last teaching day of the year; I'm on vacation for a couple weeks now! We had our children's Christmas party today and in addition to teaching a bunch of regular classes and playing Christmas games, I spent a while taking photos dressed up as Saint Nick.

I've mentioned gift giving in Japan before. A few of our students brought Christmas gifts this week, and one of my adorable ex-students (now being taught by a different teacher due to a schedule change) gave me a great little box. Inside are some appetizing-looking chocolates!

So while it was a busy day (and difficult because I said goodbye to another of my favorite students) I had a great time!

Meanwhile, the blog has been kind of silent lately because I've been busy prepping for my vacation. I plan on posting from South Korea starting around Tuesday. Yep, Christmas! If I don't write until then, have a great weekend!


  1. Being a teacher has many perks!

  2. So, where's the pics of you as Santa? I wanna see! Sorry you had to say so long to another good student and glad you had the experience. Those candies look very good... hope they are. It was very nice that you were remembered! You are remembered at home, too!

  3. Fuji: yes there are.

    Mom: sorry but I don't have any. I might be able to get one from work...