Off to Korea!

In about an hour, I'm heading over to mainland Asia for the first time ever. I'll be in Seoul in time for dinner!

Over the next several days, I'm checking out amusement parks and cultural sites, visiting museums, riding South Korea's version of the bullet train, and hopefully grabbing some unique Korean baseball souvenirs.

I plan to post about my adventures daily. Unlike my trip to Taiwan this summer, I have a single home base for the whole trip, so I won't be spending hours getting to a new hotel every other night.

By the way, a small comment about getting out of Japan: it is so easy! I'm leaving at midday on a work day, so it seem like crowds are pretty light to begin with, but there were no lines or delays while getting through security or immigration. The longest line was at the check-in counter for the airline, but since I wasn't checking any bags I was second in a shorter line.

So stay tuned, my friends! Until I land in Seoul...

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