I'm in Korea!

I arrived in Seoul early this afternoon to start my Golden Week vacation. The forecast called for rain all day and it was right, but it was a very light rain that darkened the skies but didn't darken my spirit. 

The Nexen Heroes baseball team were able to host the Samsun Lions today despite the rain, thanks mostly I'm sure to the artificial playing surface. 

I arrived during the 5th inning, so I got to see exactly half of the game. Unfortunately all the runs were scored in the top of the first so I have no idea how the Lions won the game. Despite being the visiting team I think the Lions had more fans in attendance but it was pretty close. 

I enjoyed a sausage on a stick and some chicken served yakitori style (grilled on a stick) and coated with spicy sauce. I had the chicken when I came to Seoul last year and this one seemed a lot milder. Still good. 

I bought a couple team souvenirs and somehow found a batting practice ball in the stands while wandering around and taking pictures! 

The fun game was similar to a Japanese game in some ways with lots of cheering in the stands with complicated chants, but the weather must have kept the cheerleaders at home. Oh well, I'm going to five more games if plans work out so I should see them at least once. 

After the game I headed to Dongdaemun. There's a historic city gate there and lots of fashion shopping. I browsed the stalls for future discussion and took pictures but didn't buy anything. I had some street food too, a hot dog wrapped in a sweet pancake-like batter. After getting over the surprise of the sweet coating I found it to be really good. 

I decided my best bet for dinner was to go to Taco Bell, something I had on my list of things to do when I came back. It tastes exactly like I remember it, except perhaps the Fire sauce being even spicier. That's a good thing too, though!


  1. Thanks Kenny! Despite my difficulties I ended up having a relatively positive trip. With the success I had the last few days, having a good start would have made this an amazing vacation.