Are you Sleepy? Junior High Edition

I asked one of my junior high school girls how many hours of sleep she got the night before. Her answer was three; a few more questions revealed that she usually gets about five per night.

You and I both know that five hours isn't enough for a teenager, or anyone else for that matter. So I asked her if she takes naps, and she told me she always sleeps on the train.

If you wonder why Japanese people are always so tired, you have your answer! I've seen some of my junior high students almost fall over from exhaustion at times. One of my five year olds is frequently tired before class. I've only had one student actually fall asleep in class, though: the girl I mentioned above.

And I'm pretty tired too, and with only a five minute train ride I can't nap on the way too and from work. So, good night!


  1. Wow... when I was a teenager, I slept at least 8... maybe 9 hours a night. In college, I'd stay up late but sleep in until noon. These days, I'm lucky if I get 5 hours of sleep.

  2. I didn't get too much sleep in high school or college, but three hours is way too little. Thankfully I get 6-8 hours most nights, though it's not always a great 6-8 hours.