Mount Fuji Says Hello

Tokyo saw some very heavy snowfall for the area last weekend, causing a lot of problems Friday and Saturday. There are plenty of areas with worse snow, anyway. I went out Sunday afternoon once the skies cleared to see the view from the observation deck at the Bunkyo Civic Center.
 I could see Mount Fuji from the train near my house, so I knew I'd have a good view from the tower. You might be able to see it just to the right of the big building in the center. That's Koishikawa Korakuen park to the left in the foreground; Tokyo Dome is just to the left out of frame.
 It took a bit of image processing because my camera did not want to recognize the existence of Mount Fuji. But after playing with contrast on a photo and doing an overlay, I ended up with the above image. It feels a little soft, but I'm happy with it.

While trying to get that image, I found a couple little features in Picasa (no, I don't use Photoshop or other editing tools) and saved some of the results.
 This is an HDR-style image that looks sharp, but grainy at the same time. If I played with it a little more I could probably have brought Fuji out a little better.
 I don't remember what happened here. But is it cool or what? Glowing Shinjuku with a highly visible sharp Fuji behind it.
Finally, this is actually one of the altered images I used in the overlay - the other was just a slightly color-tuned copy from the original.

Digital editing is pretty cool! I rarely alter my images before posting them here. The most I usually do is the "HDR" mode on my iPhone. I have to adjust exposure on some pictures but these little instagram-ish filters and tools create some interesting shots.

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