Godaido: Temple on a Tiny Island

 Godaido is a small temple hall on a tiny island right next to the main land. It's in such a visible location that, well, you can't miss it. Apparently it was built in 807, though the current building is only about 400 years old. There isn't much to see there, unless you happen to come by when the statues inside are displayed to the public. That happens every 33 years, with the next unveiling to occur in 2039.
 It's right out on the water, but it didn't have any major damage from the earthquake or tsunami in 2011.
 Access is across two bridges. Here's the first bridge, which leads to a small islet.
 Then, across the second bridge, is the slightly larger islet that holds the temple hall.
 The hall has no color now, and from a tourism perspective there really isn't much to see here.
 Closer inspection of the details on the building itself reveals a bit of a treat, though; there are several animal carvings along the top.
There are 12 carvings in total, representing the twelve animals of the lunar candle.
 Godaido is located in the middle of Matsushima's waterfront, between Oshima and Fukuura Islands. The surrounding trees might make it a little difficult to see, but you won't miss it if you're walking along the water's edge.
 The temple grounds are open 8:30 to 17:00, and admission is free.

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