Hong Kong: Temple Street Night Market

While my travel tastes have changed over the years, there is one thing I seem to always like to do: shop. I don't really buy lots of clothes, but those of you who know me personally know I like to pick up tchotchkes, and I'm always out for a bargain.

Flea markets and street markets can be great places for both, and Hong Kong has plenty of markets. Most of them cater to locals, but there are some that are suitable for tourists.
I'm not sure why I didn't get more pictures of Hong Kong's markets, though I was pretty worn out by the time I got to Temple Street. Maybe my batteries were dead or dying. Anyway, Temple Street's market is a bit different from the Ladies' Market. As you can see in the picture, there are stalls selling trinkets, but I noticed a bit more focus on less-mass-manufactured goods too.

There are also electronics, tea ware, watches, menswear, jade, and antiques. And I saw a little bit of all of it. Keep in mind that prices will start higher than you should pay, even if they're already marked. Be ready to haggle and walk away from something if it's too expensive for your price range. And while it doesn't have as many knock-offs as the Ladies' Market, be aware that some things may not always be what they seem.

Nearby, you'll find a wholesale fruit market, fortune tellers, old guys playing mahjong, and the adult novelty market, too. Woo Sung Street, to the east, has plenty of restaurants.

What did I buy at this market? Two things, actually. I bought a pair of silk "kung fu" pajamas - real silk? Who knows. I got it pretty cheap though. And I got a great deal on a trekking backpack that has survived a few trips (and a very large, heavy load) intact so far. So I got my money's worth there.

With a bigger shopping list in mind - new wardrobe, for example - I could probably come out pretty good. But I'll always prefer flea markets to regular markets for the variety they bring.

You can get there via MTR: Yau Ma Tei Station, exit C, or Jordan Station, exit A (right on Jordan, then right on Temple). The best time to visit is 7PM to 10PM.

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