Hong Kong: Stanley Market

 Hong Kong has lots of street markets. I guess when you have a city packed with families that traditionally preferred proximity to square footage, the shopping finds space in between the buildings. In the case of Stanley Market, the area is a purpose-built structure with a roof.
Things are a bit more laid back here, and the shopping area functions more like a primitive mall than a street market. Prices remain reasonable, but expect mostly "the usual" here. I saw several stores selling luggage (note the backpack store in the first photo) to go along with lots of clothing (especially activewear and underwear) and accessories.

You can most likely find everything here in Kowloon's markets too, but this market is more relaxed, and for those visiting Stanley, it's a nice diversion. The market is located just off the main street in Stanley. Several buses serve the "downtown" area and there are many restaurants in the area for day trippers to have lunch.

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