Trip Report: Akashi Park, Hekinan (Nagoya), Japan

My one-day five-park nine-roller coaster adventure in July ended at Akashi Park, a small park located down the peninsula from Nagoya. The weather all day threatened rain, but the clouds held strong as I moved from stop to stop. Akashi Park closes at 5 PM, and my train from Kariya arrived at the closest train station around 4:30 that afternoon.

The park is about 15 minutes from the station, though, so I pulled up Google Maps on my iPhone to help guide me there quickly and accurately. And soon after departing the station, the clouds began to spring little leaks.

I picked up the pace, but it was starting to actually rain when I reached the park and made my way over to the coaster. Thankfully, I was still able to get my ride in.
 Kid's Coaster Kujira Ku-Chan is just your everyday kids coaster, made by the same manufacturer as the kids coaster in Kariya. It's mild and short with a train that looks like a whale. But this was the best ride of the day, because it completed a difficult trip made only with public transportation, and the rain really came down as the train crested the lift hill.
 The park has a few other attractions, including a sky cycle and a Ferris wheel. The elephant sculpture in the lake squirts water from its trunk sometimes!
 The train and carousel. There isn't that much else in the area besides the park, but a giant hotel is located right next door.
The park has a bicycle area to practice street skills and a playground area as well.

Admission is free, and the amusement area is just a small part of a larger park which would be a great place to spend the day with the family or friends. All rides are just 100 yen each, and tickets can be bought at a window near the Ferris wheel. 

The park is open Tuesday through Sunday, March through October, 9:00-17:00 and 9:00-16:00 the rest of the year. Note that they take a lunch break 12:00-13:00 on weekdays, and the rides are closed over the New Years holidays.
There are bus options, but the easiest way to get to and from the park is walking from Kitashinkawa Station on the Meitetsu Mikawa Line. The easiest way from Nagoya involves transferring at Kariya Station.

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